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  • [​IMG]
    To See The $70,000 Vehicle Bought With ONLY Online Earnings!

    Basically, I got rid of my 2015 2500HD Silverado LT and bought a junker. Late into the challenge I blew the motor in that junker and had to borrow a friends car while completing the said challenge, that was a MB GLK as seen in another past thread.

    Anyways I've completed the challenge and purchased my new vehicle, again a truck as I needed to pull a trailer for my race team. This time I upgraded to a 2015 3500HD Dually LTZ complete with wood trim, navi, backup camera,heated mirrors, sunroof, bed cover, Lane and backup sensors and so on. I posted this challenge to inspire others never to give up on a goal and that they to can achieve what they set there mind too. The lane sensors are pretty sweet, they buzz the side of the seat which the truck crosses the yellow/white line on.

    Here is some pictures:

    To See The 1600 Laptop Purchased Using This Method!

    I needed a new laptop, something fast for browsing the web and writing.

    Pretty excited to break this bad boy out!


    Some customer reviews:
    CyborgIzSoBeast Wrote: ► (04-29-2016 08:01 AM)

    This is so awesome I never really thought about things from this angle!

    These are my earning a few days after I setup! It took some time but that's my income.


    My current progress

    Hexurp Wrote: ► (04-30-2016 05:26 AM)

    Just to update my post I ended up buying this ebook also and with both (his other one) of them together this is about a days earnings (I transferred my monday besides $50 a day before I bought)


    v7KillStreaker Wrote: ► (05-02-2016 06:23 AM)

    This is my personal Feedback and Review.

    I’m going to try and leave a completely honest review which reflects my opinion of this product and the user. I purchased this product on 04-29-2016 it is now 05-02-2016.

    I want to start out by covering the guide, the book itself is around 20 pages and contains both pictures and a well laid out format. I personally had no previous experience in the area and was able to comprehend everything listed in it. A few things I noticed were just a bit vague but support handled the issues with me within a few minutes of first contacting them. That is by far the best support I’ve ever encountered. Back to the topic at hand, besides those few things which were pointed out the method itself has a lot of different paths you can take and how you can earn with them. The author outlines around 5, although there is many more you can easily find yourself. This is definitely not something which is going to become saturated and even if by some chance one specific area did then its very very easy to find another!!

    Setting this up took me a few hours and I took the easier start which the author recommended me to do, if you choose to go against him you can still do this but it probably would be much more difficult to do and im sure some people will try that and then get confused or frustrated. Just start simple and do what the guys telling you he is good at this! Now the bonus content. It’s a toooon of good stuff. Everything u need actually I started with just using that content alone, considering it only costs less than 5 bucks more and its worth a few hundred [I made over 400 using the bonus content alone].
    ive bought many books on and off this site and ive not made as much as I have with this one even if you combined every single one. This made more still and that means a lot.

    So as for my earnings I got it up the same day I bought it after a few hours and from then till yesterday I made more than 400 so far. I withdrew 400 of it so that’s what ill show you.


    Orgy Wrote: ► (05-05-2016 12:56 PM)

    So I've actually been playing with this method for a week or so now and I must say it's doing great for me. I don't normally like to check out ebooks or bother much with them but onlinemarketer always talking up his methods so I figured fuck it let's see what's up. I bought it from him and I've gotta say it's been pretty nice. The book itself gives a ton of advice and information. It's a LOT to read through but all-in-all very worth the read. He includes a lot of bonus content and it's all super helpful. It's hard to not say too much as to give anything away but believe me, it's definitely worth it. All that plus his personal support made it super easy to make money and keep making money. Not gonna lie, I'll probably keep putting this to use for awhile, especially since you can seriously just throw this on autopilot. >>10/10
    Does This Require Any Investment To Get Started?
    - No! This is COMPLETELY Free to get started with the content I provide!

    Can I use this even if I’m under 18?
    - Yes! This is NOT limited to any specific age group (above or below 18!)

    Does This Work World-Wide?
    - Yes! This is not limited to any country in the world!

    Is This Completely Online?
    - Yes! This is 100% online and requires nothing such as cold calling, door to door, or physical goods.

    If I Don’t Have PayPal Can I Still Use This?
    - YES! This is not limited to any payment processor, you can use many including but not limited to: Bitcoin, Western Union, Bank Transfer, Stripe, CC, PayPal, MoneyPak, Alt Coins and more!

    Is This Autopilot?
    - Yes, you will still be earning while you leave or sleep. However, I still recommend spending about an hour every or every other day to keep your earnings optimum!

    Does This Require any Technical Skills?
    - No! A COMPLETE beginner can use this with ease!

    This Does NOT Include:
    - Forex, CPA, PPD, PPC, Amazon, Ebay, CraigsList, Bitcoins, Scamming, Wholesale, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Ewhoring, Social-Engineering or T-Shirts!

    Is This Legal?
    - YES! This is 100% Legal AND It’s Also Completely Ethical!​

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