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DIY Tech
2 Player Fun Dice Game Script - Online & Offline Browser Game 1

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    DiceRoll Match is a fun, exciting and competitive two-player game. The goal is for one player to first reach the Winning
    Score in order to win the game.


    1. Set Winning Score: Use Winning Score settings option. The first player to reach a total score equal to or greater than the set Winning Score Wins the game.

    2. Number of Die: 'Single Die' for one (Default) or 'Dice' for two (PRO FEATURE). Set this from Conditions settings option.


    1. Players take turns to roll the dice by clicking on the ROLL DICE button in order to accumulate scores. A player can hold their accumulated / current score by clicking the HOLD button to add it to their total score which brings them closer to the Winning Score.

    Note: If a player does not click HOLD to add their accumulated / current score value to their total score, they may lose it all if a '1' is eventually rolled in any of the die'. Hence, current score becomes 0 and game switches to next player.

    2. Clicking the HOLD button or rolling a '1' in any of the Die will switch turn to the next player.


    FULL DEMO: https://infodig.site/widgets/dicerollmatch


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