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100% Automated Hotels, Flights, Cruises and Cars Affiliate Search Engine 1.55

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    Just $50 For Your Own Money-Making
    Hotels, Flights, Cruises and Cars Affiliate Search Engine

    Hotel Search Script makes it easy for you to get up and running with your own travel search engine, ready to make affiliate income from every visitor who makes a search on your site.

    With average earnings per lead of $0.74 for the hotels section (proof below) and conversion rate of 42%, all you have to do is bring the visitors and the website will do a great job of converting them into cash.


    What You'll Get
    1. 1x Functional Hotels, Flights, Cruises and Cars Affiliate Search Engine Script. Easy to install (PHP and MySQL).
    2. 1x Instructions for signing up for the relevant affiliate accounts and connecting them to your site.
    3. 1x Admin Panel for controlling website name, affiliate IDs, blog posts and so on.
    4. 8x Bonus marketing related eBooks.

    Live Demo Site. The 'powered by' banner at the top and the live support at the bottom is only in the demo site. Your copy will be promotion-free.

    How Much Can I Make?
    The earnings per visitor is great, so how much you make just depends on how many interested visitors per day you can bring.

    On average, a site using this script will make $20-100 per 100 interested visitors, varying up or down depending on traffic quality, interest and country.

    So if you can bring 200 interested visitors per day, the site may make $100 per day. 'Interested' means somebody who is planning to travel to a destination, then they end up on your hotels page for that destination. Maybe they were looking at videos on YouTube about the travel destination, then they came to your hotels page.

    Marketing Ideas
    To help you succeed, I'm including a few great marketing ideas that have huge potential if done right (up to 1000s of visitors per day).
    1. Partnering with YouTubers with popular videos (10,000+ views) about famous travel destinations. They should link to your site in the video description. A 50/50 split is the cheap way to start with this idea. After you get it running smoothly, you might offer a one-time payment instead, to increase your margin.
    2. Buying undermonetized travel blogs on Flippa or DP for a low valuation, then promote your travel search (money) site on them. The website might have good traffic, but if it has low earnings, it is likely to sell for cheap. It's then your opportunity to increase its earnings.
    3. Blogging about long tail travel keywords for SEO such as: answering questions about travel destinations.
      e.g. 'How much does the average hotel cost in Cairo, Egypt?', 'When is the peak season in Cairo?', 'What scams should I avoid in Cairo?'.
    As you can see, all 3 ideas have near unlimited potential. After you get the idea making some money, you can outsource the work to turn it into a huge revenue stream driving 1000s of visitors per day to your site.

    Come up with your own ideas too, ideas that utilize your own skill-set.
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