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WAMfolio - tracking and management script for website dealers and brokers

Purchase this item for $20.00
($15.00 for premium members)

  • WAMfolio is a tracking and management script for website dealers and brokers.

    Attention website developers and Script Marketers!

    …Did you ever wish you could easily track your investments, clients, products and profits? …Would you like to see progress and profits clearly illustrated and in real-time?

    Now – thanks to the power and technology of WAMfolio – you can!

    Were you frustrated that an all-in-one product was unavailable to take the stress out of website / script marketing analysis, record keeping and client data?

    WAMfolio could be the application you have been looking for. Developed by like minded people, WAMfolio brings together all of the above into a single, straightforward program for managing your business.

    Simple, intuitive input screen make uploading your data a breeze.

    Reporting and analysis screens ease tracking clients, sales and profits into a seamless and real-time Experience.

    Records are kept in one place on your system for easy access, and of course backups can be exported for additional data security.

    WAMfolio replaces other tracking programs with a one-stop-shop for all your website/script marketing analysis tracking and records needs.

    Visit the WAMfolio website http://www.wamfolio.com for further information and a demo which lets you try out all the features Go on… experience your data differently. Experience WAMfolio – powerful technology, intuitive design.

    Feature List:


    • Generate reports in portable document format (PDF) to keep offline/send
    • Graphing and charts, see your data translated real-time as your business progresses
    • Filter by country (over 150+ built in country extensions)
    • Generate extended domain reports for a domain and export (PDF)
    • Keep track of renewals
    • Track your domain investment with WAMfolio working out the costs and profits
    • Keep track and store clients data and contact information
    • Backup/Data Management
    • Backup your data in CSV format

    • Updates are free for 1 year after purchase, after this an additional update fee may incur
    • We pledge to continually improve and add more features to WAMfolio

    Live Demo: http://demo.wamfolio.com/

    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin
    Release Notes: https://www.wamfolio.com/release


    • Dashboard IMAGE 1.PNG
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