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SEO Optimization Tips for Magento – An Ultimate Guide

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    Table of Contents

    1- What is Magento?
    1.1- Benefits of Magento
    1.2- Platforms
    2- 6 SEO optimization tips for Magento
    2.1- 1. Configure the friendly URLs
    2.2- 2. Optimization of Meta tags
    2.3- 3. Be sure to use h2 and h3 tags
    2.4- 4. Refine the categories
    2.5- 5. Improves loading speed
    2.6- 6. Create an XML sitemap
    3- Other SEO tips for Magento
    4- Recommendations for adding pages
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    1. SEO Optimization Tips for Magento – An Ultimate Guide
      There are different platforms to create online stores. When choosing one, you should consider...