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Release Notes for 2.0.7

= 2.0.7 =
* New Feature: Inject top keyword in <title>-tag.

= 2.0.6 =
* Admin bar only in frontend (if turned on)
* Bugfixes in update routine.
* Smaller memory footprint for loaded search engines.

= 2.0.5 =
* Bugfixes in SE detection.
* Bugfixes in license activation.
* Improved automatic detection of Search Engines in backlist table and importing.

= 2.0.4 =
* Fix in search engine detection introduced in 2.0.3

= 2.0.3 =
* WP 3.8 new style look. Bye bye Bootstrap styling.
* Replaced deprecated eregi(), fixing PHP 5.3+ error.
* Backlinks page: Different visual styles if the link has been verified or not.
* Backlinks page: Show verified links differently and first in list.
* Backlinks page: Delete individual backlinks if necessary.
* Improved loading time on plugin pages.
* Fix: Verify url routines fixed.
* 201 Search Engines supported! Passed the 200 mark. Poco a poco ;-)

= =
Top 25 Search Engines added to Keywords page.
Introducing minimum and maximum length of the taxonomy terms (tags) created.
Added optional debug logging for helping pinpoting errors and different configurations. Turn on and off in settings. Warning: A lot of logging will happen and your log will look very confusing. Use only if you are trying to debug or very curious :-)
Added Reset log button.
More translatable strings added
Speed improvement: Seperating the search engine list.
Speed improvement: Using hardcoded localization string instead of using a lookup variable.
Speed improvement: Removing unused functions.
Fix: Error in 404 detection. The code measured number of visits in a wrong way.
“Delete old keywords” now delete in batches of 10.000. There has to be a maximum otherwise emptying could stall on shared hosts for large databases.

= =

Fixed bug in dynamic widget on the admin side.
Added a quick button to reset all 404 errors on the 404 Errors Page.
= =
Dutch translation added. Thank you Arkan. :-)
Russian translation added. Thank you Igor. :-)
Fix: Logic in assigning custom post types and chosen taxonomy for dynamic tagging (if turned on).
New: Introduced ignore list for keywords.
New: Widgets also filters out keywords on the ignore list.
+19 more Search Engines. starmedia.com, isesfeel.com, clickseguro, elcoblogs.com, tmob.search-help.com, es.luna.tv, startpins.com, buzzdock.com, amazon.com, terra.cl, terra.es, rever4dwn.com, infospace.com, start.toshiba.com, webcrawler.de, start.facemoods.com, excite.com, search.monstercrawler.com, search.ereadingsource.com

= =

New: Welcome Panel with instructions and links to first steps and other details. Includes a dismiss button so you only see it once. (Upgrading the plugin resets this). The code is from Igor at http://www.lenslider.com/
New: Multilingual. SEO Booster now supports multiple languages. So far the only other language is Danish, more languages will follow. Contact me if you have a need and wish to help out with translating.
New: Reintroducing function seoboosterpro_boostlist() … The function seoboosterpro_boostlist will be deprecated soon, but it works for now. Use the function seobooster_kwlist() instead.
New: Now you can not only choose a taxonomy to use for keyword tagging, you can also let SEO Booster assign to all post types, so you can use the tags on all posts. Note: The code respects to only assign the taxonomy to public custom post types.
New: 11 search engines added – buscador.terra.com.mx, map.krak.dk, firma.eniro.dk, speedfox.me, baidu.com, hotbot.com, about.com, d1linksearch.com, search.eazel.com, valentine.com, centrum.cz
New: Visual improvements to the Dashboard Widget. Takes up less space and looks better.
New: Database statistics. Gives you insight into how much info is stored by SEO Booster 2.
New: Dynamically created tags are now marked and monitored. Makes it possible in the future versions to refresh terms and also to remove old unused terms.
New: The verify backlink routine now only logs the first time a site is verified.
Fix: Obsolete entries in the daily keyword tracking table is now removed in the daily maintenance.
Fix: Verified backlinks RSS feed was not working properly.
Fix: Backlinks detection were no longer registering properly.
Fix: Referrer routines now runs in different stages during load, should result in faster processing of the plugin. Debugging tests shows speed improvements.
Fix: Tagging related posts had a bug in the way it cross-tagged posts.
Speed: Unused internal functions removed.
Speed: 404, referrer checking and keyword detection is now split up into separate modules, allowing for faster processing.
Security: Export keywords and export backlinks are now protected with unique key

= =

New: More search engines added. aolsearch.com, find.tdc.dk, kvasir.no, jubii.dk, www.plusnetwork.com, Google Maps, startsiden.no, www.29searchengines.com, 90searchengines.com … 80 Search Engines in total.
New: “Dynamic Links” got overhauled. Now has options to show links to pages with high traffic, or to pages with low SEO traffic. You can also control number of links to show, and whether to show number of visits next to each link.
New: “Keywords” page, Latest Visit column includes time ago.
New: Keywords with no traffic in over 30 days are filtered out
New: You can now choose to manually delete keywords that have not gotten any traffic for over 30 days. Access this under “Routines” along with the ‘Run Daily Maintenance Routines’ button.
New: Both the ‘Incoming Keywords’ widget and the ‘Dynamic Links’ widget is now cached for 5 minutes, reducing load on heavy trafficed websites.
New: Keyword Stats. Basic information about the keywords recorded.
New: Dynamic backlinks RSS feed. Add “?feed=sblinks” to your siteurl, ie.
‘http://example.com/?feed=sblinks’. This RSS feed contains a random list of -verified- backlinks, meaning a list of other sites that have been confirmed to have a link to your site.
New: RSS Feed containing the latest verified backlinks. Add /?feed=sblinks to the end of your site to access it.
Fix: “Incoming Keywords” widget now only displays if there are any incoming keywords for that page. Otherwise, the title would still show, but nothing else.
Fix: Minor bug in the dynamic tagging functions.
Fix: Ignore number-only searches as well as searches containing ‘site:’, ‘cache:’ and ‘related:’.

= =

Fix: Import old keywords failed.
Fix: Unoptimized database tables resulted in slow queries for large tables.
Fix: Updates to the search engines host detection.
Fix: Bug in function that verifies detected backlinks.
New: Turn on/off 404 detection. By user request.
New: 22 more search engines added, now totalling 59.
New: Re-introducing dynamic tagging with incoming keywords. You can choose which taxonomy to use and a limit to how many tags a post can have.

= =

New: Daily maintenance routines added.
New: 5 more search engines added.
New: 5 backlink filters added.
Fix: The new cron schedules.
New: Daily maintenance routines properly filters old backlinks out.
New: Run maintenance routines manually from the bottom of the dashboard page.
= =
New: Daily maintenance routines added.
New: See a list of the currently supported search engines on the “Keywords” page.
New: Latest SEO traffic – See the latest keywords, where they went and how many visits in total.
Improvement: Now waits at least a week before verifying backlinks again.
Improvement: Properly formatting numbers in admin.
Improvement: Domain ignore list updated
Improvement: Search engine list updated – Peeplo
= =
Rewrite of entire plugin.
New: Monitor entire site from Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more.
New: Monitor backlinks. Find out who, how and where other websites are linking to you.
New: 404 monitor. Find any and all page not found errors on your site!