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Real life experience recover from rejection from girl

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  • Well, I spend almost a lifetime to recover from pain make by the rejection. The emptiness feeling and worthless feeling. Or u might just hate yourself and regret certain thing u missed to do and doubt yourself not good enough? trust me you are good as you are. it just that person can change both of you doesn't fit each other. human can grow fat. change size of cloth right? same goes with relatioship.do you ever feel this way? come to this article I share my experience recover from it. I can mostly prevent you suicide because of relationship rejection. Well, I not an idiot. I am very smart person without college degree. But my knowledge is cutting edge and innovative. I don't charge much money. I write it for save life. I not a expert. I just tell base on my realife experience.
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    1. Everything start with a crush and attraction from a girl
      Well, today I am happy man without girls. I accept myself as a whole person without a girl. I...
    2. The rejection stages pain in your heart.
      Rejection start off make you feel pain. afterward sad, then feel emptiness and cold feeling....
    3. secret of single again.
      Rejection make you learn your mistake not suppose make you weaker. it make you stronger person...