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Public MQTT Broker - IoT Industries Slovakia

Purchase these 2 articles for $15.00

  • The articles deal with the MQTT protocol. The content of the first article is about the basic entities that exist in MQTT (Topic, Broker, Publish, Subscribe ...).
    It analyzes the basic MQTT and MQTTS ports, uses an example for the Slovak public MQTT broker, which can be used for testing and getting acquainted with MQTT, shows in the programmatic implementation of the directive for the compiler - there is one source code for 3 different platforms.
    The second article deals with MQTTS (MQTT via TLS), contains practical commands of the OpenSSL tool, which can be used to obtain a Root CA certificate and SHA1 fingerprint of the MQTT broker certificate. This is desirable for the ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms and an encrypted implementation for MQTT. Refers to the PubSubClient library documentation.
    Both articles are aimed at the Github repository with software implementation for MQTT, MQTTS for Arduino + Ethernet, ESP8266, ESP32 platforms.
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    1. About MQTT and IoT Industries Slovakia Broker
      The MQTT protocol is one of the most widely used in IoT. It has also been used in the industrial...
    2. MQTT over TLS, Retain, OpenSSL commands to get Root CA cert and SHA1 fingerprint
      In the last article, we discussed the basic concepts used in MQTT, we discussed the Publish /...