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Release Notes for 2.6

Do you have any idea how people are actually using your website?

When scientists probed a UFO that crash landed in Area 51, they discovered screen recording technology. Now, for the first time ever ScreenSquid is making the technology available to the public. Record your website visitors' screen as they use your website.

ScreenSquid provides interstellar insight as to what your visitors are doing on your WordPress site. The ScreenSquid javascript code records every page change, mouse click, and keypress so you can see exactly what your visitors are doing.

Sign up for Free at http://screensquid.com

Why watch your visitors?

# Make more money

Improve conversion rates by watching exactly what users are doing.

# Find bugs

You'll see your Wordpress site through your users eyes, which means you'll see exactly how your site appears to them as they use it. See any bugs they encounter in your design and optimize your site to get your users where they need to go.

# Provide better support

Users emailing you for support? Look up their email address on ScreenSquid and watch exactly what they've done to get themselves in trouble.

== Installation ==
1. Upload the plugin through the "Plugins" menu in WordPress
2. Click on the new "ScreenSquid" settings menu in the Admin dashboard
3. Copy and Paste your ScreenSquid JS Embed from http://screensquid.com
4. Watch your website visitors

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
# How do I get started with ScreenSquid

Teleport over to http://screensquid.com and sign up for a free account.