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"Nootropics for Newbies" e-Book written 2016/20k + Unique words + 2 Sales pg. Essentially sat on it

Purchase this article for $125.00

  • I wrote the book and built the sales page (plus one simple one) for Nootropicsfornewbies.xyz in 2016.

    The book reads ok I believe. Tbh I didn't really know what I was doing once I'd written it and built sales page, so first went to JVZoo partners to register but again, in the deep end and my grandiose illusions of turning a quick buck by partnering up with sizeable email lists through joint ventures didn't come to fruition.

    I never set up G.Analytics but used NewStatPress plugin.

    It does get daily traffic - 30uv's say. Stupid really as it could of built up a modest email list over 3 yrs as a give-away. Food for thought.

    The TLD does have some age but lengthy. You'd probably prefer just the content which is why I've listed it here.

    Any queries pls ask.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1
    An Introduction into Nootropics
    So what are Nootropics?
    5 Criteria a Nootropic Must Meet
    Those who most use Nootropics
    Shattering the Illusion
    Difference between Smart Drugs and Nootropics

    Chapter 2
    3 Key Nootropic Families
    1. Racetam Family
    2. Eugeroic Family
    3. Cholinergic Family
    Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients for Cognitive Enhancement

    Chapter 3
    Nootropic Benefits: The Studies
    1. Piracetam Study
    2. Toxicity Trials
    3. Stroke, Dementia & Brain Trauma Studies
    Why our brain needs Choline
    Why our brain needs Vitamins & Supplements
    Vitamin B7 supplements

    Chapter 4
    Science behind Racetams

    1. Increasing Membrane Fluidity
    2. Increasing Mitochondrial Function
    Aniracetam Efficacy

    Chapter 5
    Nootropics Medicinal Benefits
    Nootropics for Depression & Anxiety
    Nootropics for ADD and ADHD
    5 Nootropics for Increasing Sex Drive
    3 Nootropics for Pain Relief

    Chapter 6
    Nootropics Vs Prescription Drugs

    Chapter 7
    Nootropic Side Effects
    8 Steps to Lower Risk of Adverse Nootropic Reaction

    Chapter 8
    Art of Stacking Nootropics
    Piracetam & Choline
    L-Theanine & Caffeine
    Oxiracetam, Aniracetam & Piracetam
    Aniracetam & CDP Choline (Citicoline)
    Piracetam & Vasodilator Drug (Cinnarizine)
    Racetam, Modafinil & Essential Vitamins
    Choline & Huperzine A
    Phenibut & a Stimulant
    Aniracetam, Vinpocetine, Alpha GPC (or CDP Choline) & Centrophenoxine
    Aniracetam, Bacopa & L-Theanine
    Phosphatidyl Serine, Bacopa & Phenibut
    L-Theanine, Phenibut, Centrophenoxine, Vitamin B6 & B1 + Pramiracetam

    Chapter 9
    Nootropics Common FAQ’s:

    How should I decide which nootropic to take?
    Can I start stacking right away?
    What’s the best way to track my cognitive function when using nootropics?
    Is it safe to use prescription drugs with nootropics?
    Alcohol & nootropics?
    I feel great; do I have need for nootropics?
    If I stop taking nootropics, will I experience withdrawals?
    How long do nootropics take to kick in?
    How much should I begin with?
    Modafinil for narcolepsy?
    Are Nootropics legal in my country?

    Chapter 10
    How to choose the right Nootropic

    Chapter 11
    5 Reliable Suppliers

    Chapter 12
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