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Heroes of newerth revolution flint beastwood guide.(NEW DISCOVERY AFTER A LOT TESTING)

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  • It is me yj89 who revolutionize swiftblade build. A question arise. Have you ever wonder flint always scare get close distant by enemy?Do you ever know that flint can be adjust to stand toe to toe with preditor? Do you know that how to make use some item doesn't scare people run in close distant to you? No fear let me help handle the worry by my way.Flint can easily triple kill with this build. I always get 600 gpm above with this build. Humbly share this knowledge to pro gamer or those people hunger of item knowledge and different way of skill adding. I sure if u build this way of flint it is nightmare to opponent. For those who trust me please buy it. It is really really worth it! I spend one month research and revolutionize flint build. I sell 5 usd with this new discovery!
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    1. gameplay
      what lane doesn't matter. you need get the +3 strength,6+agility,+3 item forgot what name sorry...
    2. unique way to add Skill build
      overall early build is adding max second skill and 2xstats before level 6. when you reach level...
    3. My unique set of item build
      starting the 3,+6 agility item,3 and then town portal and healing potion. early game power...