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DOTA Phantom Assasin farm Neutral Creep Guide INVENTED. NEW! 2016.12.13

Purchase this article for $10.00

  • This guide is all about new pa guide invented by me. it is all about the guide how to play as true PA farmer. Well, you can complaint this and that. But I tell u this there is no perfect guide in each one of it.It is because every dota master knows every guide have pros and cons on any guide.It is endless complaint. Most perfect guide is most boring gameplay such as battle fury and so on. Boring. Too old school. Come buy my guide to learn new thing ok. I played Ranked gaming client 2 matches I won 2 of the matches with high mmr opponent. I already be honest for my build already without hiding any secret. I truly want people good. This guide I invented without copy other. All claim their own is MASTER OF LIAR!
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    1. General idea come from.
      Well, I brainstorming my mind. Thinking like this. Pa normal attack weak because no any...