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Custom Messaging System For Classiera Classified Ads WordPress Theme 1.0.0

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  • I created this custom messaging system which is based on the frontend pm plugin to add a fully functional and reliable user messaging system to classiera classified ads WordPress theme.

    Being that classiera and other similar classifieds ads WordPress themes don't have a good inbuilt messaging system for users to communicate with each other, this customized plugin will fill that void when integrated to your website.

    It has features such as:
    * Ability of users to send private messaging to other users related to their posted ads
    * Inbox system where users can manage their messages/conversations.
    * Instant on-site, browser based and email notifications for messages, replies and announcements.
    * unread messages tag, message filtering and bulk action capabilities.
    * File attachment with messages and replies
    * Modern messaging/conversation interface.
    * Display of user's status: online or offline with the time the user was last seen if offline.
    * Users can block other users from sending them messages if feature is turned on by admin.
    * Admins can send all website users announcements, message or block any user etc. from their messaging page.
    * Highly user and mobile friendly. Responsive to all devices.

    Thanks to Shamim, the creator of frontend pm plugin. This plugin was customized for those who are looking for a very reliable and user friendly messaging system for their classified ads website based on Classiera WordPress Theme.

    So if you need this system integrated into your classified ads website or you need a complete classified ads website designed for you, contact me now.

    If you want to also get a hands on experience on how this plugin works, you can also contact me to get demo login.

    Please Note that this plugin was customized to work with classiera classified ads WordPress theme. If you would like to use it with another WordPress theme, contact me first for discussion about customising it for your needs.

    The cost includes both installation and website setup costs.

    Thanks for your patronage.
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